Physical Health

USC Peaks & Professors is a student organization that brings students, professors and administrators together for hikes around the L.A. region.

Physical health is a natural place to begin— all areas of wellness are compromised if the body is neglected. Students often sacrifice their basic needs under pressure to perform academically: by drinking too much caffeine, not getting enough sleep, and not taking care of their basic health. The Enge­mann Student Health Center serves as the core medi­cal facility on campus, where you can get routine med­ical care or see specialists such as allergy, chiropractic and dermatology providers.

Tammie Akiyoshi, director of clinical services at Engemann, wants healthy students to stay healthy—one easy step is to get vaccinated. “Get the flu vaccine. And if you’re going somewhere with medical risks, come to Engemann for appropriate vaccinations and precautions,” Akiyoshi said.

Get your flu shot at Engemann Student Health Center. Call (213) 740-9355.

At some point, many college students will encounter drinking in a social setting. Paula Swinford, director for the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion (OWHP), warns against using alcohol as a stress reliever. “Neuroscience shows us that just after a small amount, alcohol increases stress and even moderate use negatively impacts learning capacity. Premature drinking is a stress inducer. Friends, dancing and lots of water are stress relievers.” Swinford said students are able to explore their wellness around alcohol use by signing up to take the confidential and nonjudgmental OWHP consult, BASICS.

Call OWHP at 213-740-4777 or visit ESHC 203.

Protecting yourself during sex is another way to stay physically healthy. OWHP provides a wealth of wellness resources, including free safer sex supplies, and Wellness Advocates are always on hand to answer your questions or just chat. These students are trained to bring wellness into their very diverse communities and help their peers develop personal skills and reinforce support healthy community expectations.

Safety is essential to wellness. Features include: immediate “push button” calls to the Department of Public Safety (DPS), easy reporting for suspicious activity or crimes in progress, and location services to notify friends of your route through campus. Download the LiveSafe App.

Students who have experienced any sort of gender-related harm, including sexual violence, can seek confidential haven and support from Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention and Services.

Call 213-740-4900 or visit Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention and Services in ESHC 356.

Exercise is another way to improve health and well­ness—and not just in the physical realm. Yes, physical activity supports heart health and strengthens the body, but it also supports mental health, as well as providing the opportunity to connect with others, supporting social wellness. The opportunities for physical activity on campus are as varied as stu­dents’ interests—from competitive club sports to student organizations for hiking and cycling.

Check out the Rec & Fitness Guide for more info.